Glossary of Terms

VACCINE is a preparation of weakened or killed microorganism, living attenuated organism or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease.

ADAPTED is a reduced danger towards human beings or complete deactivation.

AUTOLOGOUS VACCINE is a vaccine created from the pathogenic tissue of a patient, only being used for the same patient as a vaccine.

DEPOLARISATION is an electrical balance of ions along the ion channels of the cell membrane fragments. Cell membrane fragments turn into electrical neutrality on both sides; so in cell contacts no barrier of voltage has to be overcome.

MYCOPLASMA is the smallest procaryonts with no cell walls and do not require oxygen with a diameter of 0.1mm with a pleomorph structure.

DISPERSION is the physical destruction of the cells with consequent control in a photo microscopy (scale 1:1500, phase contrast)

PATHOGENIC is the antibodies in the patients’ blood being modified in their steric (space) structure by a serum bound activator. After reinjection they induce the production of new specific antibodies against the pathogenic specific antibodies. These antibodies build a complex with the pathogenic antibodies and suppress the synthesis of the pathogenic antibodies according to the interaction anti-antibody theory of Jerne.