Part I. Foundations

  1. The promise and the reality of viral vaccines against Cancer
  2. Lessons from Autoimmunity
  3. Tumour Immunology: An Overview
  4. Tolerance and Ways to Break it

Part II. Immune Mechanisms

  1. Tumour Escape from Immune Response by Variation in HLA Expression and Other Mechanisms
  2. Tumour Antigens Known to be Immunogenic in Man
  3. Recognition of Antigens by Patients with Melanoma
  4. The Polymorphic Epithelial Mucin as a Target for Immunotherapy
  5. Immune Response to Genital Papillomavirus Infections in Women
  6. Transformation-Associated Epstein-BarrVirus Antigens as Targets for Immune Attack
  7. T-cell Immunity of Oncogenic Proteins Including Mutated RAS and Chimeric BCR-ABL
  8. Genes Coding for Antigens Recognised on Human Tumors by Autologous Cytolytic T Lymphocytes
  9. Active Specific Immunotherapy of Human Colorectal Carcinoma with an Autologous Tumor Cell/Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Vaccine

Part III. Human Tumor Antigens

  1. Treatment of Human Melanoma with a Hapten-Modified Autologous Vaccine
  2. Active Specific Immunotherapy of Melanoma with Allogeneic Cell Lysates
  3. Evaluation of Vaccina Viral Lysates as Therapeutic Vaccines in the Treatment of Melanoma
  4. Clinical Trials with VMO for Melanoma
  5. Approaches to Augmenting the IgG Anitbody Response to Melanoma Ganglioside Vaccines
  6. Human Tumor-Associated Antigen Mimicry by Anti-idiotypic Antibodies
  7. On the Role of Constimulation in Tumor Immunity
  8. Specific and Effective T-Cell Recognition of Cells Transfected with a Truncated Human Mucin cDNA
  9. Genetically Engineered Vaccines

Part IV. Rationale for Vaccine

  1. Epitope Selection and Design of Synthetic Vaccine s
  2. Novel Adjuvent Strategies for Experimental Malaria and AIDS Vaccines
  3. Immune Responses of Mice and Human Breast Cancer Patients following Immunization with Synthetic Sialyl-Tn Conjugated to KLH Plus Detox Adjuvant
  4. Immunotherapeutic Strategies for Cancer Using Poxvirus Vectors

Part V. Approaches for Potentiating

  1. Genetically Engineered Tumour Vaccines
  2. Vaccines for Human Cancers of Viral Etiology
  3. Cancer Vaccines: The perspective of the Cancer Immunology Branch, NCI
  4. Active Specific Immunotherapy of Murine Colon Adenocarcinoma with Recombinant Vaccinia/Interleukin-2-Infected Tumor Cell Vaccines
  5. Immunization with Human Monoclonal Antiidiotypic Antibody in Colorectal Cancer
  6. Immunization Effect of Monoclonal Antibodies against Tumor-Associated Antigens during Cancer Treatment
  7. Assesment of Immunologic Competence and Host Reactivity against Tumor Antigens in Breast Cancer Patients
  8. Augmentation of T-Cell Response with a Melanoma Cell Vaccine Expressing Specific HLA-A Antigens

Part VI. NCI and FDA Perspective

  1. Transfection of TGF-B Producing Tumors with IL-2 Elicits Tumor Rejection
  2. Coexpression of IL-2 and #-IFN Enhances Tumor Immunity
  3. Active Specific Immunotherapy of Hadgkin's Lymphoma by an Anti-idiotype Vaccine against the Hodgkin-Associated CD30 Antigen
  4. Pancarcinoma T/Tn Antigen Detects Human Carcinoma Long before Biopsy Does and Its Vaccine Prevents Breast Carcinoma Recurrence
  5. Phase Ib Trial of a Synthetic B Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Vaccine in Patients with Metastatic Cancer
  6. Adjuvent Vaccination in Colorectal Carcinoma
  7. Specific Immunotherapy of Colorectal Cacinoma with Newcastle-Disease Virus-Modified Autologous Tumor Cells Prepared from Resected Liver Metastasis
  8. Randomized Study of Adjuvent Immunotherapy with Autologous Tumor Cells and BCG in Renal Cancer
  9. Specific Immunotherapy Using a Recombinant Vaccinia Virus Expressing Human Carcinoembryonic Antigen
  10. Identification and Characterization of a Colon Tumor-Associated Antigen
  11. Antiidiotype (Ab2) Vaccine Therapy for Cutaneous T-Cell Lumphoma
  12. A Potential Surrogate Marker of Efficacy for a Therapeutic Melanoma Vaccine
  13. Enchancement of a Spontaneous Immune Response against a B-Cell Lymphoma by Dendritic Cells Leads to Protection against the Tumor
  14. Clinical Trials of Idiotype-Specific Vaccine in B-Cell Lymphomas
  15. Clinical Responses to Intralymphatic Whole-Cell Melanoma Vaccine Augmented by in Vitro Incubation with Alpha-Interferon
  16. Adjuvent Activity of QS-21 Isomers
  17. Construction of Immuogenic GD3-Conjugate Vaccines
  18. Comparison of the Binding Parameters of Melanoma Cells of Antihuman High Molecular Weight-Melanoma Associated Antigen (HMW-MAA) Monoclonal Antibodies (mAB) and Syngeneic Anti-Anti-idiotypic


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